Thursday, March 26, 2015

Azure App SVC Pricing highlights

If you are in the business of building enterprise-ready apps in a well-built development platform then Azure App Service provides in addition to building apps a common management and billing model. The choice is yours to pick items from a large menu. You can start off experimenting for free (or shared) and then upgrade to Basic, Standard or Premium tiers.

The new Azure App Service details are here:

Quoting from Microsoft (,

"Azure App Service is a one-of-a kind solution that brings together the tools you need for building enterprise-ready apps around a common development, management and billing model. You can choose from a rich ecosystem of pre-built apps and API services as well as a unified set of enterprise capabilities including mobile backend services, turnkey connectivity to SaaS and enterprise systems, and workflow-based creation of business processes"

The following image details the Service Capabilities

The following image details the App Capabilities

The pricing depends on geographical location of the data center

If you are serious about using this service, perhaps the best way to go about is to try the Free and Shared option shown here:

The details of Basic (1,2, or 4 cores 10GB each), Standard Tier (1,2,4 cores 50GB each) and Premium Tier(1,2,4 core 250GB each)  are available at the link mentioned above.

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