Monday, December 16, 2013

Data from SQL Anywhere 16 using Microsoft Query


In a number of previous posts we have seen how to access data on SQL Anywhere 16 using either ODBC with OpenOffice or ADO.NET connectivity. Follow the links here:

Connecting to SQL Anywhere 16 from MS Excel has some obvious advantages and the first thing that comes to mind is to crunch numbers and using other powerful tools of Excel such as graphing and Power Pivot.

Microsoft's Microsoft Query offers the easiest route to getting data out of SQL Anywhere 16. This posts shows how you can do it.

Microsoft Query requires an ODBC connection. When you install SQL Anywhere 16  Developer's edition, a ODBC DSN is added to the ODBC Manager screen.

The data comes into MS EXCEL very fast and very easily as shown. The image below shows all the columns (unfiltered, un sorted) from the Contacts table in the demo application that accompanies the SQL Anywhere 16 download.

The detailed steps are available here:


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