Thursday, September 12, 2013

Do You Need to Connect to SQL Anywhere 16 from OpenOffice 4.0? - Part 2

In the following post,

An ODBC connection to SQL Anywhere sample database ‘demo’ was established in OpenOffice 4.0.

Using an ODBC connection presented some problem as described in the above post. Specifically the main problem was you could connect to SQL Anywhere 16’s demo database and see the objects in OpenOffice 4.0, but it was not possible to display the data in the tables. It was assumed that probably the driver was wrong. This assumption may not be correct.

In order to sort out this problem the following test was conducted:

As the connectivity did not throw any exceptions and the demo database objects were visible a table Sept11 with DBA Schema was created (in OpenOffice 4.0) as shown. This assumes that a database in OpenOffice 4.0 has been created using the ODBC connection and that the SQL Anywhere 16’s Personal Server Sample (x64) is running.

It was then populated with some simple data as shown and the database aug31.odb was refreshed.

Sept11 was then opened in Sybase Central to see if the changes are updated. The result is shown here.

Double clicking Sept11 table displays the details as shown.

Clicking Data displays the sample data crated in OpenOffice 4.0 as shown.

Looks like this works from OpenOffice 4.0 to SQL Anywhere 16.
However, going back to OpenOffice 4.0 to reopen Sept11 resulted in an error. The main problem appears to be in OpenOffice 4.0.

Part 2

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