Friday, September 20, 2013

Do You Need to Connect to SQL Anywhere 16 from OpenOffice 4.0? - Part 3

The problem of viewing table contents is not yet resolved as described in the previous two posts here:

However, a work around was found.
This post describes the work around.

It was noticed that while the table contents could not be viewed in OpenOffice 4.0, the content of a SQL Anywhere view can be viewed in OpenOffice 4.0.

Here is the 'View' node in SQL Anywhere 16 which has the view - ViewSalesOrders.

Here are the contents of the view -ViewSalesOrders opened in OpenOffice4.0

Taking this as the hint, the table in Sybase Central that could not be opened in OpenOffice 4.0 was used to create a View in Sybase Central. The Sept5_View was created in SQL Anywhere 16 with the following statement:

The content of Contacts table in SQL Anywhere 16shown here:


The content of the view - Sept5_View in SQL Anywhere 16 shown here:

The Sept5_View shown in OpenOffice4.0 shown here:

This can be used to create other objects in OpenOffice 4.0

Part 2

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