Friday, March 06, 2015

Problems you may encounter installing Visual Studio 2015 CTP6

The desire to test drive resulted in downloading this file.

Before installing the program by choosing the Typical method which installs defaults, the C: drive was checked for 9GB space. The available 120Gb was more than sufficeint. Double clicking the file in the downloaded location started the typical acquiring/applying type of starting. However when the install button was clicked in the initial screen, the desktop went blank (Windows 8.1 Professional) and screen came back asking whether the installation is to be cancelled. However after going this step couple of times, it started acquiring and applying mostly C++ related files and framework 4.6 (I beileve so).
During the installation the program required a file, MobileTools_WPSDKCore_net.msi which it could not find on the computer. The suggestion from the program was to get it from the Internet using the button provided for this purpose. The said button when clicked came back with a short response that the file could not be found. Yet another option was to 'skip' this file and proceed with the rest of the installation. 'Skip'ing would perhaps results in loss of funcitonality for Windows Phone apps.

Search on the Internet for MobileTools_WPSDKCore_net.msi drew a blank including Microsoft Windows phone related sites. Left a question on the forum and reported a possible 'bug'.

Here are some screen shots from this installation:


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Matheus Guimaraes said...

yep! same thing just happened to me. Had to skip the package in the end cuz even clicking on download from the internet didn't work and just kept flicking the install screen back and forth.
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