Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Do you wish to work with Metro Style Apps?

Step 1: Install Windows 8 Enterprise.

Step 2: Download and Install VS2012 Express

Download from here to your Windows 8 Downloads folder.


Double click the executable in your download shown here:

Installation starts

You can proceed after agreeing to license terms.

You should get a Developer License. Read info on this modal window

It's easy to get a license.

From here you can Start a new project, Open an existing project etc.

You can use C# to develop your project.

These are the templates available out off the box. You can choose to develop with any of these.

If you prefer you can use JavaScript and HTML5

Or you can use Visual Basic if that is your strength.

OK, You can use C++

In each of these languages you have the choice to start from a Blank or use prefab templates.

I tried here to create an extremely simple APP using JavaScript that has ,

A splash screen

A button which when clicked changes the text in a textbox

A tool-tip that shows some text when you hover over the text box

A logo for the APP. The image for the logo (Copy right of Microsoft) I copied from the Windows 8 Screen and used it. The name of the APP is AppJayAug20. It's only on my local machine in test environment.

The default.html which has most of the stuff is here.

That's all folks.


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