Sunday, September 04, 2016

SAP SQL Anywhere 17 on Windows 10

SAP SQL Anywhere 17 was announced in June 2015. It is a nice database and I always liked it, because it just works! I have written a number of articles on the earlier versions and of course I wanted to try this latest version.

This version comes with a lot of enhancements. I recommend this site where you can read lot more and focus on installing it on a Windows 10 machine.

Here is an excerpt from that site on developer related features of Version 17:

Developer Enhancements
  • OData Enhancements - The SQL Anywhere database server can act as an OData server.  This functionality replaces the OData Server utility.  In addition, the The OData producer now supports a greater subset of the OData Service Definition Language (OSDL). 
  • JavaScript external environment - SQL Anywhere now includes support for JavaScript stored procedures and functions.
  • Node.JS and Python drivers - The SQL Anywhere Node.js driver allows users to connect and perform queries on the database using JavaScript on Joyent’s Node.js Software platform.   In addition, the three SQL Anywhere python drivers are now available through PyPI, the official Python package index.
  • Consolidated db – MobiLink has support for SAP ( ASE, IQ, SQLA), Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, MySQL back-end databases.  We continue to add support for newer versions of these databases.  In v17, we added support for Oracle 12.1, ASE 16, SS 2014,MySQL 5.6.20, IBM DB2 10.5. 
  • HANA Integration – with our SAP HANA Remote Data Sync product, MobiLink becomes more tightly integrated into the HANA platform infrastructure (assigned port numbers, lifecycle management, name server integration, license management, monitoring integration).
  • SAP Passport support and NCSLib logging

You need to download the installation file from here after registering here:

You can download both SAP SQL Anywhere 16 which requires a key that you get after registering or SAP SQL Anywhere 17 which does not require a key. The product you get is a developer edition good for developing on your machine and not for production.

If you do not know about SAP SQL Anywhere may be this is a good place to start:

It is available for Linux as well as Windows. I downloaded the Windows version (x64 bit).
As the ad says, it just Works.

After installation you should be seeing these on your Windows 10 computer.

There are a number of built-in tools that you can use.

Get dozens of tutorial articles on Sybase/SAP SQL Anywhere from here.

It has a nice management interface called Sybase Central shown here:

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