Saturday, March 05, 2016

Developing Lightswitch apps using Visual Studio

I wrote a book on Microsoft Lightswitch (read here about Lightswitch ) when it was still going through the BETA phase. After finishing the book, I pretty much forgot about it till recently one of readers asked a question with some screen shots. I did not remember seeing those screens when it was in Beta. I found out many other versions were  released  between then and now.

Visual Studio Community 2013 was announced in 2014 which could be sued to build all sorts of things targeting a whole lot of people from students, novices to developers. However Lightswitch projects did not make an appearance in the projects.

In order to work with Visual Studio Lightswitch you also need to install Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2103 November update according to MSDNBlog/Lightswitch.
You an get this here:

With the above installed, you can now create a Lightswitch project in Visual Studio 2013 Community.

Here is Help | About Microsoft Visual Studio screen showing some of the finer details about the IDE.

Here is the New Project... window showing Lightswitch project in installed templates.

Here are the default folders and files created in the Solution Explorer.

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