Thursday, September 22, 2011

Published today: Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch Business Application Development

This book was published today (Sept 21, 2011).

Visual Studio LightSwitch or simply LightSwitch is the latest addition to Microsoft's VS Suite. I believe this is game changing software when it comes to data-centric applications for the Desktop, or the web, or for the Microsoft Cloud Platform.

I started writing this book during the Beta 1 period and finished soon after the RTM. Before RTM there was a Beta 2 which was almost a finished product.  Similar to my other books, each chapter builds upon the previous, and by the time you finish, I believe you will have learnt a lot about LightSwitch. Instead of taking a real business application and explain away how LightSwitch implements the application - a top-down approach, I have taken a bottom-up approach building bit by bit from scratch. Another reason for this approach was the fact that there are already very many online resources which utilize the top-down approach.

Of course, similar to my other books, this book is also replete with screen shots, and you can find codes both in VB and C# for most of the chapters. The projects created to describe the contents of the chapters can be downloaded from Packt site.
Here is the table of contents:
  • Preface
  • Chapter 1: Getting Started with Microsoft LightSwitch
  • Chapter 2: Microsoft LightSwitch IDE and Architecture
  • Chapter 3: Accessing Data from a VSLS Application
  • Chapter 4: Screens in VSLS application
  • Chapter 5: Working with Entities
  • Chapter 6: Querying and Filtering Data
  • Chapter 7: Writing Code in Microsoft LightSwitch
  • Chapter 8: Authentication and Authorization in Microsoft LightSwitch
  • Chapter 9: Deploying LightSwitch Applications
  • Chapter 10: Troubleshooting, Debugging, Custom Controls, and Extensions
  • Index
A sample chapter is available here.

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