Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Are you ready to see light with LightSwitch?

At first blush it looks more Silverlight than LightSwitch.

The LightSwitch beta is now available at this site here, the file name is vs_vslsweb.exe:

I downloaded and ran the executable. It started right away as shown.

I left my seat and went away and when I came back it had finished. But I did not see anything installed and no messages. I ran again and I saw the message that it could not install Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP2. I thought I had it and, sure enough it was registered in the Add/Remove programs. Of course I also had the SP1 variety. I tried to reinstall LightSwitch and again I failed. Finally I removed all compact SP1 and SP2 files one by one from Add/Remove programs(there were 4 separate programs from Query Analyzer to tools and documentation).

I installed Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP2 (SSCERuntime-ENU.exe) again and then tried again to repair. It started downloading and installing LightSwitch.

And finally it was installed. It took quite a bit of time.

I opened up the UI to see the contents. Aha, it is more Silverlight than LightSwitch. There are only two LightSwitch templates, one for VB and one for C#.

Probably Microsoft will come up with more and varied LightSwitch programs in the release version.
Well, looks like it will be 250+ days before we see another update.

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