Thursday, October 08, 2015

One easy way to get started with Internet of Things

Internet of Things is all the hype and the field is getting crowded each day.

LittleBits Electronics offers the CloudBit Module which is a easy and quick option to create Internet connected devices. You can tag on Internet to many things without you needing to program anything. There are many, many projects that you can do with this module. Using IFTTT (read about it in an earlier post) you can connect to any web service or whatever that IFTTT supports. Together with Arduino you could even do custom coding.  The module comes with a USB power module and a wall adapter. It looks like a toy but packs great power.

CloudBit Module

CloudBit Module is an embedded Linux computer with a WiFi and automatically communicates with littleBit Cloud. When used for the first time, the module functions like a WiFi router allowing you to connect to the Internet. The core of the module is the iMX233 SOC which includes CPU Core; the power supply, and peripherals like USB, ADC, DAC etc. The device boots of the SD card via an SSP Port.

Here is a video:

IoT is not just for IT Professionals it is also for any age.

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