Sunday, August 02, 2015

Big data, Analytics, AI addressing Oncology questions

AI recently has come to the forefront gaining notoriety as the harbinger of 'Killer Robots'.
AI at its core is machine intelligence and IBM has worked on AI since the early days of AI. We all remember the movie Space Odyssey 2001 where the computer HAL 9000 could not only understand natural language but was also able to read lips.

AI cannot be all that bad and it can be most useful in answering questions of great importance, fast and accurate based on knowledge.

IBM's Watson products (Watson for Oncology, Discovery Advisor and Engagement Advisor) are based on harvesting massive amount of information and digesting them and putting them to good use by charting out actions. The information comes from many different sources structured, unstructured  depending on the question Watson has to answer.

Watson for Oncology is a smart software product for medicine and the AI training has been received at Sloan Kettering and is able to deliver answers to oncology related questions and help doctors to find the most efficacious treatment options. It does to by cross-referencing the patient information against massive medical databases; curated texts from medical conferences, articles and other announcements. 

Cancer treatment has moved away from generic to customization.

Here is Watson for Oncology from the IBM Site.

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