Thursday, July 30, 2015

Microsoft Azure and RedPoint Global Campaign Management

RedPoint is a leading provider of Campaign Management providing data management and personalized customer engagement software that interacts across various channels using a single user interface.

Find out how RedPoint became a leader in cross-channel campaign management after giving your details here;

For such a global service dealing with big data, Microsoft is a natural fit as RedPoint recently announced support for Azure SQL Dataware house and Azure Data Lake Service.

You can start creating a RedPoint Campaign from the Microsoft Preview portal as shown using either the default Service Management Stack or the Resource Manager Stack.

Here is a brief summary of the RedPoint capabilities as found on the preview portal:

"RedPoint’s campaign management software enables marketers to design and execute customer interactions across any channel. Users can build omni-channel campaigns and set up real-time inbound marketing strategies – all from the same, intuitive drag-and-drop interface. All these cross-channel campaign management capabilities are built into one marketing automation product, including the ability to: select and segment audiences; design multi-stage emails, triggered campaigns, landing pages, mobile or social messages; do A/B testing with just a few clicks; coordinate work and align activities with easy-to-use collaboration and asset management features; easily track, analyze and use results to improve future efforts."

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