Sunday, May 17, 2015

Debugging Arduino from Visual Studio

Please review the following before you continue as they are related:

When you use the Local Debugger Tool in Visual Studio 2013 Community edition with your Arduino UNO board the build output windows as seen in this next image refers to a Serial Port Tool Bar.

If the board is not connected when you locally debug you get the following message in your build output window:

You may not see this Serial Port Toolbar unless you enable it as shown:


Since the board is not connected to the computer with the USB, the debugger is off and you get the message 'Port failed to open'.


Now I connect the Arduino UNO board to the laptop and on the Arduino UNO I click Reconnect and then I can stop/start/pause the processes to debug.


Placed a break point to see how to get to the local debugger windows.


Reading Serial port:

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