Saturday, March 21, 2015

Debut of Windows 10 IOT: Get a head start

Although Windows 10 is not RTM yet, the following are the rumored version:

•Windows 10 (for inexpensive tablets; possibly called Windows 10 RT)
•Windows 10 (for traditional PCs)
•Windows 10 Enterprise

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However Microsoft is extending the reach by adding Windows 10 IoT to the above list. It  is Windows 10 for embedded and supports universal apps and drives and can work for the whole spectrum of devices from simple devices to complicated industrial devices. With this additional version the Windows 10 is surely driving towards the OnePlatform concept.

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In the previous link you find a whole lot of links to Windows 10 and IoT that you should review to see how deep are the roots.

If you want to be in the game get youreslf a Raspeberry Pi2 ($35) which is selling like hot cakes. I am not exaggerating. Go and purchase here:

Before you order get to know some of the facts about what you get for $35 from the previous MSDN blogs link.

After buying it go this site and register yourself as a Windows Developer here:

Read the two popular posts on hodentek here:

Legal note: I am not receivng even a cent from either Microsoft or Raspberry.

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