Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Project Options for cross-platform apps with Intel XDK

In a previous post the interesting aspects of developing cross-platform apps with Intel XDK was described . It was also shown how easy it is to install the XDK. You can review the post if you missed it.
Cross-Platform Apps are easy with Intel XDK - Part 1

There are several options available for creating projects with Intel XDK.
Double click the icon, or click the XDK icon on the taskbar to open the Welcome to
the Intel XDK Pane as shown (it is assumed that you have installed the Intel XDK, if not review the link above).

Click on the Visit to Intel XDK Introduction and the Intel XDK Documentation gets
 displayed. This is quite a comprehensive documentation that discusses all aspects of Intel XDK including developing cross-platform HTML5 based apps for
smart phones and tablets; deploying to devices, monetizing etc.

In the left hand side there are different ways to work with projects. You could create a blank project but then you do not get many of the design editors you find in others such as Start with App Designer etc. If you already have created a project you could open it. You could also import an existing app into the IDE. In order to test drive you could also use the option, 'Work with a Demo'.

Here are the options:
  • Starting with a blank project
  • Work with a Demo
  • Start with a Template
  • Import an Existing APP
    If you have created an HTML5 application you could import it into the IDE as
  • Use App Starter
  • Start with App Designer
Continued in the Mobile specific blog here:


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