Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Programs that interfered while loading XAML pages in VS2013 Update 2

I have been posting continuously for the past week or so on the inconsistent behavior of Visual Studio 2013 Express for Windows Update 2 (and earlier Update 2 RC).

The XAML pages were not loading in the IDE while only the Windows Phone 8.1 program could deploy to the emulators. The Deployment of Windows 8.1 was hanging indefinitely.

Some improvements were found in using the recent version of Visual Studio as well as installing the KB article as in the following posts:




Even after these changes the loading of XAML did not become consistent and deploying Windows 8.1 was also inconsistent.

Finally I have found the programs that interfered with Visual Studio 2013 Express for Windows Update 2 and probably were responsible for all the errors that I was encountering.

I uninstalled the two programs shown in the list of programs on my computer. Now the loading is very fast both for APP Studio Beta apps as well as apps created in the IDE (Store, Windows and Windows Phone).

I hope I do not need to dwell on this issue any further and this error is not thrown anymore:
Safe handle has been closed


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