Saturday, May 17, 2014

The correct fix for XAML load errors in Visual Studio 2013 Express for Windows Update 2

In the previous post a solution to this problem was posted. However, the solution only solved the problem for opening projects created in Windows App Studio Beta site. Even then the XAML did not load correctly for Windows 8.1 projects.

Here is where the problem was noticed first:

Also any new project created using the Visual Studio 2013 Express for Windows Update 2 program had loading problem for XAML files. Simply the design would not load.

Trouble shooting using a second instance of Visual Studio and attaching the process in the running instance did not provide any clue to what was happening.

Finally what really helped was installing the following KB article.

This was supposed to come in with Windows Update but was missing in the computer. I am using a x64 bit Windows 8.1 Professional computer

This will take a while to install and you need to restart the computer after installation.

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