Thursday, May 22, 2014

Autodesk sets its eye on 3D-Printing

What with Google showing an interest in 3D Printing and more importantly Autodesk coming out with two important events, this area is getting heated up :

  • Launch of Open Source 3D printing software platform called SPARK
  • Introduction of a 3D Printing machine of its own with a reference implementation of SPARK

Autodesk is doing all of this to provide building blocks to product designers, harware manugfacturers and material scientists.

SPARK ) is open and licensable to hardware manufacturers and the Reference Printer design will also be openly available.

Both SPARK and the 3D Printer will be available at the end of this year according to sources:
This should generate enough competition to the early starters in this field like, Dassault Systemes, Stratasys, DDD (3-D), VoxelJet, ExOne and many others (there are very many to name). However many of them have suffered set backs in recent days.

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