Friday, April 11, 2014

Does Rahul Gandhi stand a chance of winning the Indian Election?


I would say he does stand a good chance, no thanks to Internet and Social Media Network.

Despite the large scale adoption of Internet and social media by the contenders hotly watched only Rahul does not seem to have invested time or money. I am sure it is very debatable that social media would make a significant dent in the present election at least.

The reason is India is still a nation of massive villages where cell phones(not smart phones) and off line access to internet is all they have by way of Internet. Moreover, villages are where Congress will make the most thrust in its campaigns. Villages are where name of Gandhi is still revered.  Coming from a political blood line synonymous with India and freedom despite being westernized, Rahul is probably still a hopeful.

Most importantly as Mahatma Gandhi noted that India lives in its villages, some 700000 of them.

The source of the above screen shot is from here:

This figure has not changed very much with only a small reduction since that time. Some 638558 villages by the last count. Review this link here:

The majority of these villages are mostly in the north and that is where the final battle will be.

Name of State
Uttar Pradesh 
Madhya Pradesh
Andhra Pradesh

What could upset the Apple Cart?

Promises that were never delivered. Roads and schools that were never built.  Most importantly corruption.

Jai Hind

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