Thursday, April 17, 2014

Deixe-nos trabalhar com serviços de nuvem Azure -Azure in Brazil

Microsoft has announced Azure service from Brazil through its Azure South region located in Sao Paulo. It is now available for public preview. With Locally Redundant Storage data can remain in Brazil.

Nature of Locally redundant replication:
With locally redundant replication, storage account data is replicated three times within the same data center. Locally redundant replication is offered at discounted rates.

Note that changing from Locally redundant replication to geo-replication will incur additional costs.

More on Locally Redundant Replication here.

According to Microsoft,
"The Azure website has been updated to provide detailed information on service availability and pricing for the new region. Azure Virtual Machines, Cloud Services, Storage, SQL Database, Web Sites, and Data Transfers hosted from Brazil South will be offered at a discount during the preview period. "

Brazil joins other countries in hosting the center

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