Sunday, January 05, 2014

Master C# and become a Universal Coder

Is this the coming of age of C#?

Of course with your C# mastery and XAMARIN Studio you can become a Universal coder. The apps are written entirely in C# but your target platform could be Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Isn't that cool? You can have your favorite .NET libraries and still use stuff for platform specific libraries, and have a good mash. If you have not tried XAMARIN try it now and join the 0.5B developers World wide. Down load a free version here which is really bare bones.

The free version gives you:

Xamarin Studio and deploying to Device(s) or deploying to App Store(s) capabilities. Perhaps the app size is limited and if you want unlimited appsize, prepare to shell out $299/year in buying a subscription. The top end costs $1899/year.

Here is the product line-up, you choose.

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