Monday, August 18, 2008

Retrieving Data on a SQL Anywhere Server Using AJAX

An AJAX call to an SQL Anywhere Server using stored procedures and web services

AJAX has dominated the web space so extensively that it needs no introduction. Connecting to a server via XMLHttpRequest and making a partial page refresh is what makes this technique so attractive. However, use of these AJAX requests, although very attractive, can pose dangers as well. JavaScript acts as a vector to infect websites with worms, such as SAMY, using cross-site scripting, also known as CSS or XSS.

In a previous article - "Enabling Server data with native web service" - I explain how a web service of type HTML is created on the SQL Anywhere server, which can serve HTML pages, and that to make an AJAX call for this page from your browser, you need to make a call to the hosting domain, the SQL Anywhere Web Server.

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

How to Migrate an Analysis Services database from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2008 RTM?

You first need to add the Wizard which does this migration to the Tools menu in the Management Studio. This note shows how you can do this.

Step 1: Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.

Step 2: Connect to your installed instance's Database Engine by providing the authentication information. For this note the installed instance was Windows Authentication.

Step 3: In the Mangement Studio click on

Tools|Externl Tools...
This opens the External Tools window as shown.

Click on the ellipsis button for the Command textbox.
This opens the Open File window as shown

Click on Migration Wizard and click Open
This adds the file location information into the External Tools window. Change the default title to
something different, herein MigrationWizard as shown. Click OK.

Migration wizard gets added to the Tools menu as shown.
Step 4: Click on the Migration Wizard just added in the Tools menu.
This opens the Welcome to the Analysis Services Migration wizard window.
This is the starting point for you to begin your migration.

How to remove the added entry?
It is just as easy. You can remove from the External

Happy migration!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

SQL Server 2008 RTM and Download Manager Problems

I have downloaded SQL Server 2008 RTM couple of times from this site but each time I am asked to provide a product key. Where can I find this key?

I posed this question to several forums as I faced with this problem repeatedly.Here are the details and more importantly, the answer I found.

I started at this site:

I down loaded from this section:

Download SQL Server 2008 Enterprise 180-day Evaluation

Download it now.--> button

This takes you to this link [Evaluate Microsoft SQL Server 2008 today]:

Drop-down selection: Select Your Language(Country)

Choose English(United States)
Hit on the > button

Start downloading. Takes about an hour or so on cable:

Since Launch after download was selected the launch starts and I get the following message:
Key Expired

If I tried to open the SQLFULL_ENU.iso file or try to copy it to a DVD I get the following error:

Finally the work around:
Forget about the procedure [Copy it to a DVD and open the DVD to get to the setup.exe file.] suggested.
I downloaded the WinRar. It is indeed a powerful program and you can directly open the SQLFULL_ENU.iso file. It does take around 10 mts to open the archive, but no problem. It immediately shows all the files. It can unpack not only ISO but many other formats. On top of it, no need to burn a DVD and worry about non-compatible DVD drives(notorious in their own way).
Here is the fully open SQLFULL_ENU.iso file.
Bye bye to Download Manager's Launch routine. Welcome to WinRar.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Firefox 3.0 misbehaving

A few days ago I had noticed strange cursor movements on FireFox. This time it was even weirder.

When I see these cursor movements on the page and then try to access the HELP menu item, the Help drop-down begins to dance rapidly from left end of screen up to the Help menu.

I captured this with my Cannon SD600 and conveted the file to MPEG format before uploading to Google Video. The quality of the uploaded fle is not good but you get the picture.

But Firefox 3.0 is great. I can save the browser with all the tabs that get activated the next time it is opened.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hello World with Dojo 1.1.1

Hello World Tutorial from:

The root directory name is different, otherwise exactly the same.

The } is probably a typo. The code throws a 'dojo' not found error. The event does not fire although dojo.js is in the correct relative location.

Now Change:
The src attribute "Dojo111/dojo/dojo.js"

To this:
The src attribute "http://localhost/Dojo111/dojo/dojo.js"

Now it works. But what is this stuff on the 'Hello World'?

I assume you have read this post:

Installing SQL Server 2008 RTM

You must first uninstall the previous CTP's.

I had the Feb CTP and the June RC0.

I removed them from the Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs.

The remove action in Add/Remove for the CTP's and the RC0 will pop-open the SQL Server 2008 Setup window.

After this you need to Select instance that you have installed.

Note: I had default instance of Feb2008 CTP and a named instance of RC0. Also I had SQL Express 9.0 and a bunch of shared components.

In the next window I chose all features to be removed as shown.
I removed the software completly.
I am presently trying to download an evaluation copy. I downloaded four copies (all are supposed to be evaluation copies) but all of them ask for a product key. I am trying to resolve this issue. Someone on the MSDN Forum suggesgted that I could use all zero's for the product key and it did'nt work.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Do you want to experience the thrill with Dojo?

Read my post on my other blog. Sorry for sending you around.

Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Anywhere 11 Integration

On Installing the SQL Anywhere 11
Visual Studio 2008 Integration
Breaking news!!

On Installing the SQL Anywhere 11

Register as a developer and get Panorama_windows_Beta (263 MB) from Sybase web site.

This one is pretty easy to install. I am sure the release edition will be as easy. Double click the downloaded file to kick off the installer. You see the Welcome Screen.

Click Next and get to see the License (Better read it). It looks like this is software has international exposure and widely used.
Accept the license and click Next. Verify Server licensing information and click Next.

Check out how much resource you have and accept the complete. Click Next.

Click on Install on Ready to Install Screen.
Installing SQL Anywhere 11 Progress screen shows up.
Hang around for a while till the process gets completed.
You are done!!

Nothing can be easier than this.
Now the fun begins. Go to Start |All Programs |SQL Anywhere 11 and you can see all the goodies you got.

Visual Studio 2008 Integration Features
If you have Microsoft Visual Studio Installed you can open and verify that hooks to integrate VS with SQL Anywhere is ready to go. You can get to Sybase Central (Management interface for the SQL Anywhere products you downloaded) as well as Interactive SQL where you can test your SQL skills. You need authentication which is Username: dba and Password: sql

You can also Browse using the SQL Anywhere Explorer from within VS 2005 (also VS2008).

If you are used to ODBC and adept at it go ahead and open the ODBC Manager and verify you have the correct driver.

You can learn a number of things about this database products following articles at this link:
Happy learning!

Breaking news!!
PS: As of this writing you can download a Developer's edition by registering at the Sybase site.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Installing Visual Studio 2008 SP1

Initial conditions:
This is on a windows XP Professional with SP3 on which SQL Server 2008 RC0 and VS Studio 2008 Standard with SP1(Beta) installed.

Step 1:
Set up a restore point to revert

Step 2:
Get the following file from Microsoft web site for VS 2008


Run this file
For this you need original program disc for VS 2008 and you also need access to vs_shell.msi [This is from your previous installation of SQL Server 2008RC0]
Note: I also had a vs_shell.msi fromthe FebCTP

Step 3:
Get the VS 2008 SP1 from here,

File name: VS90sp1-KB945140-ENU.exe

File Size: 536 KB

Run this file
Step 4:
Inspect installation log file

Takes quite a while!!!
Have patience.

Friday, August 08, 2008

The wait is over - SQL Server 2008 RTM is out

Finally it has arrived according to a TechNET Flash email this morning.
You can download a trial copy of the enterprise version after registering. It is 3.03 a GB ISO file [SQLFULL_ENU.ISO] which you can burn on a DVD.

Final wait extended!!!
Notes added:
Well wait 3 more days till Visual Studio 2008 SP1 is released. Visual Studio 2008 SP1 (Beta) is not enough.
Unless of course you want to uninstall Visual Studio 2008 and use only the SQL Server 2008.
Read this article if you are in a hurry:

Thursday, August 07, 2008

On establishing Primary Key / Foreign Key in SQL Server 2008

When you copy over tables to SQL Server you not necessarily copy all the 'Keys' although you have all the data. Now you want to recreate the relationships. How do you do it? Of course one could use scripts to do it. Here is how you can do it in the SQL Server 2008 Management Studio.

There are two tables Suppliers and Products.
To start with both tables have no Primary Keys
Products has SupplierID as one of its column which happens to be also in the Suppliers table.

Step 1:
You should get both the tables into the Database Diagram Pane.
Expand the database node in the SQL Server 200 Management Studio. Right click the Database Diagram folder and choose to create a New Database Diagram. The Database Diagram Pane opens up and a Add Table Window listing all the tables in the database opens. You can pick and choose tables to add and they appear in the diagram pane.
Step 2:
Set up Primary Keys for both tables
Right click Products Table in the Database Diagram of SQL Server 2008
From the drop-down menu choose Set Primary Key

Similarly set the Primary Key for the Suppliers table.
Step 3:
Establish the Primary Key / Foreign Key relationship
Click on SupplierID on its left and hold-down the mouse and click on Supplier ID in Products table shown schematically in

In the Tables and Columns window that pops-up verify that SupplierID in Suppliers table has a related item SupplierID in the Products table.

Click OK. The Foreign Key Relationship window pops-up as shown

Expand INSERT And UPDATE specific item.
Click on an empty space in Delete Rule and Update Rule text boxes in the expanded items and set them for Cascade.

Click OK and try to save your work from the File menu. You will get a error message if you already have data in your tables.
Step 4:
Enable saving of changes
In the Main menu click Options. In the window that pops-up deselect
"Prevent saving changes that require table recreation"
Click OK
Now save the Database diagram and it will be saved with a name that you provide

Read about Referential Integrity in:

Friday, August 01, 2008

Strange cursor movement in Firefox

I have noticed strange movement of cursor in emails (Google for example) as well as in text boxes where you enter credentials for any web site. It seems to start at the click of a mouse and goes backwards towards the top of the line and stop there. It is entertaining up to a point but annoying when you cannot backspace password in the text box and enter a new password.

I have a Windows XP Professional with SP3. Protection Status