Saturday, January 05, 2008

Enabling Server data with native web service

Read the following article to see how it is carried out on a SQL Anywhere Server.

Web enabling data on a SQL Anywhere Server using a native web service

Exposing server data to intranet / internet, an attractive and much needed method has become possible due to the native web services, services that can be created on the database itself to which HTTP or Soap requests can be made. Microsoft Access in some of its versions provided this dynamic capability via Data Access Pages and this became possible from Microsoft SQL Server directly, only in its 2005 version. However MS Access 2007 does not support Data Access Pages instead recommends the use of SharePoint server. SQL Anywhere server, even in version 9.0 possessed this built-in capability.


Anonymous said...

Nice info

Jayaram Krishnaswamy said...

Watch for the next article on accessing a SOAP Service Protection Status