Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Cypress and the Internet of Things


Cypress's Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices (WICED) combines the following features:


This WICED platform can accelerate time-to-market for IOT products. Cypress's WICED and cloud services can easily be adopted for automotive, industrial and consumer products.

Time-to-market is facilitated by the WICED IoT platform consisting of (from Cypress' site):

  • Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices (WICED)   

    Eliminate the complexity of adding wireless
    Simplifies adding cloud services
    Allows customers to focus on their IoT product development

  • The WICED SDK is pre-integrated, pre-tested and courteously updated

    WICED APIs and drivers make wireless connectivity easy and flexible
    Proven production ready stacks (E.g. networking, security)
    Pre-integrated licensed ecosystem libraries (E.g. HomeKit, Weave)
    Pre-integrated world-leading IoT cloud Platforms (E.g. Amazon AWS, IBM BlueMix)

  • The WICED Partner Ecosystem accelerates your time-to-market

    Partners who are experts in product development with the WICED SDK
    Partners who are experts in integrating embedded system with mobile and cloud applications
    Partners who deliver a broad portfolio of certified modules optimized for power, range and interoperability
    Professional highly engaged community

Read more about:
  • Cypress Solar-powered Sensor Beacons
  • IoT products that connect directly to cloud; that connect to Cloud via IoT Gateway and Connect to Cloud via a mobile device
  • State-of-the-art wireless: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Zigbee connectivity 

Friday, August 26, 2016

Develop Mobile and Embedded apps with Microsoft SQL Server Compact 4.0

Microsoft SQL Server Compact is an embedded(able) database ideal for desktop, (hand-held) mobile devices and web clients. It is free to download (also free to deploy and redistribute) and comes in the form of just one code-free file. Its small foot print makes it easy to  deploy to a variety of device sizes and requires no administration. It also supports a subset of T-SQL and a rich set of data types.

The latest version in Version 4.0.8482.1 and you can download from here:

New features in SQL Server Compact 4.0 (per Microsoft site):

  • SQL Server Compact 4.0 is the default database for Microsoft WebMatrix, which is a stack of web technologies for easily building and deploying websites on the Windows platform.
  • For enhanced development and debugging capabilities, including designer support, Visual Studio can be used to develop ASP.NET web applications and websites using SQL Server Compact 4.0.
  • Enabled to work in the medium or partial trust environments in the web servers, and can be easily deployed along with the website to the third party website hosting service providers.
  • Private deployment of SQL Server Compact further simplified by having all the required managed assemblies, and the x86 and x64 DLLs, including the Visual C++ 2008 runtime libraries (x86 and x64) SP1 in a single private folder in the install location of SQL Server Compact.
  • Stronger data security with the use of the SHA2 encryption algorithms for encrypting the databases.
  • T-SQL syntax enhancement by adding support for OFFSET and FETCH that can be used to write paging queries and new APIs like SqlCeConnection.GetSchema that provides the metadata information of the database.
  • Used with ADO.NET Entity Framework, SQL Server Compact now supports the columns that have server generated keys like identity, rowguid etc. and the code-first programming model.

    These article provides sufficient information for the previous version and some starting points:
Basics of SQL Server Compact 3.5



Thursday, August 25, 2016

Blogger has a problem with the html tag 'pre'

For quite sometime I have had problem displaying HTML code in my blog as the Pre tag did not render correctly. Here I am trying to see what is happening, if any in rendering the Pre tag. I decided to show only screen shots of either the HTML tab in my blog post, or the Compose tabbed page of my blog so that the browser effects are properly seen.

When you want to create a new post in Blogger, this is the HTML code you get and the 'Compose' page is empty.

Now I enter a single line-'This is a test' in the Compose tabbed page.


The HTML markup shows this:


Now I add a 'Pre' tag as shown.


The following is the content of the 'Compose' page.

So far no problem, good.

I now go back to HTML pane. Looks OK, but it has added another repeating line at the top.


Not a big difference. I refresh the browser and everything back to as it was before refresh.
I just draw a line in 'Compose'.


The HTML after this appears as shown. It has added 'Pre' tags as shown. Why 'pre' tags which not just 'p'.


I just added a 'div' tag and I am going to place a 'Pre' tag inside the 'div' tag.


This is the 'compose' page.


I added some 'pre tag' inside the div tag

The compose  now appears as shown.

I add another div and within div I add a pre tag. In the pre tag I add special characters (HTML markup) as shown.


The Compose page after the above appears as shown.


The pre tag did not work as intended for html tags.
I revert to the HTML to see if the blogger's processor has added any thing by itself. It does some time. No change.

I add a dotted line in HTML code.


There is an expected change as shown.


I revert to HTML and I see it has changed.

This time it accommodated the dotted line inside the 'div'. I modify the page with 'code' tags as shown. Some recommendation from some of the Internet sites is to enclose it in 'code'


The 'Compose' page now appear as shown.
The extra > in the last line appears to be an error while typing.

It is getting worse!

I refresh the page and nothing is changed in 'Compose'.

I host the html page on the local IIS Server and the response is as shown.


The conclusion is  'Pre' tag is not working in the Blogger as it is supposed to.

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