Tuesday, July 26, 2016

JavaScript is number 1, but R is catching up

JavaScript is number 1  and then there ar others that follow:


R has moved from 17th to 13th Place according to RedMonk's biannual programming language rankings. TypeScript a subset of JavaScript a la Microsoft is another language on rapid move.

On what does RedMonk base this ranking?
Language usage on StackOverflow and GitHub.

More info here:

On Thiobe index JavaScript is not the top, C++ is. My guess is IoT drives the language use in the future and if that is true then C++ will get the greatest grade.


In 2015 JavaScript had just moved from 9 to 7 on the Thiobe Index:

Google Translator looks very good

Most of them can do well, some better, some worse. It also depends on what language you want translate from/to. The better ones can auto-detect the language and for some of them you need to specify the source and destination languages.

In my recent experiment, I tried to translate a few lines from a receipt in Czech. Google did definitely better than Bing or Babylon. Babylon cannot auto-detect. Here are the results which is easy for you to rate them.

Some correct and for some no clue. The online tool should correctly recognize end of line.

Perfect score!


OK but does not recognize end of line

When it comes to Hungarian sometimes it is auto-detected as Turkish, a not so serious mistake.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Cortana's ability to recognize images in Microsoft Edge

It is now possible for Cortana to identify images in Microsoft Edge pages.

It is easy since all you need to do is to right click (Microsoft's royal click for everything) the image and pick Ask Cortana from the contextual menu. Some images do provide the contextual menu that has 'Ask Cortana' and someothers that do not.

Pick 'Ask Cortana' and you get the information in a pop-up

I have also seen that sometimes Cortana says she is sorry and at other times keep mum.

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