Thursday, August 09, 2018

Probably the best language to learn now is Python

Of course, you want the most popular and the most valuable.

According to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) , it is Python, the clear winner.

Here are the top ten in its rankings:

Why Python?

The answer appears to the fact that it iss now used for embedded applications and because it has beefed up its repertoire related to AI and Machine learning. It is for this reason R language (somewhat speccialized) has seen some decline.

Microsoft C# is still handing there at 5 and probably its place will be solid 5 for all types of programming - Web, desktop and Mobile. SQL is also there but does not show up as top 10 which is understandable given its area of usage.

Well here is the first 20. Find if your favorite is here

Well, you may want to know the basis for the ranking. You can get to know here.

You can find a lot of posts on R and Python on this site.

You can find a lot of Python and R posts in my blogs.

Saturday, August 04, 2018

Installing the new Insider Preview of Windows 10 - 4

The experience has been subpar. In addition to the various things in the preceding 3 posts,

  • I also find that items from the Favorites are wiped clean. I had tons of stuff, all gone.
  • The Downloads folder has been emptied out too. I had three important downloads, all of them gone.
  • Every time I boot, 'Window Getting Ready' comes up. It used to be the first time after an update.
  •  (Good news) Some of the apps have started working, Calendar, Photo, some games, Skype (very slow to load), calculator, Microsoft store.
  •  I had many example apps created for my posts and they do not function (the ones inside yellow rectangle). Well, this may not be the Windows problem, rather the problem of Visual Studio which is presently being triaged at Microsoft.

Previous posts regarding this issue are  here:

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Installing the new Insider Preview of Windows 10 - 3

Latest update of user experience after the Installing the new Insider Preview of Windows 10 - 2

List of programs/apps that do no work:
Movies and TV
My Office
Microsoft Store
Paint 3D

Previous updates:

Installed the new Insider Preview of Windows 10 today. The new version is:
Build 17713.rs5_release.18076-1551

The old version was:
Build 17692.rs_prerelease_flt.180625-1624

The new release has the same kind of enhancements as the previous:

The previous version had many problems and I hope at least some of them have been fixed.

Updated 7/30/2018

Feedback Hub is empty 
Microsoft Store cannot be opened.
You click in All Programs nothing happens.
Type and search in Search Charm|Cortana nothing happens
Tried Cortana as well. She repeats the same question, again and again.
The AI features need improvement. There is no spelling error in Cortana and the best the AI can find a match is Cortland.

Once a blogger dashboard is open in Microsoft Edge Beta, it cannot be closed.

More here: Protection Status