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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Event Info 2015_1: Fortinet Technical Refresher

New Features of FortiOS 5.2 such as Wireless and other advanced technology solutions will be discussed. A quick review of ease and simplicity of using FortiGate appliance will be presented.

Date: Wednesday 25, February 2015
Time: 1:30 to 4:00 PM
Location: Hilton Hawaiian Village,2005 Kalia Road, HI 96815

Updates to FortiOS with new features:
GUI Access
Troubleshooting help
IPS Signature inspection
Will be described.

Security related topics such as threat landscape and advanced threats will also be described.

Jump start your IoT development with Intel XDK IoT

You are a hobbyist; curious student or a developer-entrepreneur then you must get this kit to jump start your IoT development.

This is still in Beta but it has everything you need in terms of hardware, software, tools and forums to guide you through.

IoT dev kit is a subset of Intel IOT.

The kit consists of the following as seen here:

1) Hardware components (Intel® Galileo and Intel® Edison boards, shields, sensors, actuators)

(2) Software image and/or the software packages

(3) Support for various IDEs allowing you to program in your favorite language

      (Eclipse, Intel XDK IoT Edition, Arduino & Wyliodrin)

(4) Cloud services for a data management and analytics

(5) Additional tools and solutions for optimization and performance

      (Intel System Studio for IoT & Wind River VxWorks for Makers)

Get your Intel XDK IoT Edition here:

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Amazon is seriously challenged in the cloud by Microsoft

AWS was in the premier position having had a head start of more than 4 years in the cloud related business. The lowering of prices by Microsoft; a new CEO; an emphasized bet on the cloud have all contributed to Microsoft Azure's adoption by the enterprises. One of the reasons for this being the better tooling; the variety of applications and services; and not-for-Windows only shift have all contributed.

Microsoft brought in a lot of enhancements that should prove this advantage Microsoft has gained further. The storage options with SSDs and the rapid, multifaceted updates to its Azure cloud computing platform are all very attractive for enterprises.

One of the reasons that Microsoft can challenge AWS is in the attractive storage options.Azure Premium Storage Disks is in public preview since December 2014.

With Azure Premium Storage Disks there are two types of durable storage, Premium and Standard.

Premium Storage  highlights

    Delivers high performance, low latency of IO intensive workloads on Azure Virtual Machines up to a total of 32TB/Virtual Machine and 50000 IOPs.

You can sign up for Azure Premium Storage at the Azure Preview Portal here: Protection Status