Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Event Info 2015_4: Game Deveopers Conference 2015

Game developers Conference 2015
March 2-6, 2015
Mascone Center, San Francisco, CA
Expo: March 4-6, 2015

As a game developer you must have already visited the GDC site. If you have missed here are some details.

Developer focused Game Developers Conference 2015 begins March2. 
Hurry up, the registration closes tomorrow, Feb 25, 2015.
Microsoft, Sony, Intel are presenting the sponsored sessions:

Visual design highlighted sessions
Highlighted developer sessions
Highlighted Business related sessions

Details here:
Lots of Tutorials here: (Monday and Tuesday)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Event Info 2015_3: Microsoft Ignite

May4-8, 2015
Chicago, IL
McCormick Place Convention Center

Make sure you attend this event in Chicago if you are curious about where technology is heading.
It is the technology conference of the year and do not miss it.

An earlier posting here:

Review the sessions list here, 365 in all:

One of the interesting topics is about Skype. How is it going to evolve? How is it going to work with Office 265 and Lync? Understand diffeerent topologies for Skype. For this and other interesting topics ther arre some 24 sessions.

If you are focused on Internet of Things, I am afaid there are only 3 sessions. Could they ignite you???

Bulk of the sessions, some 123 of them focus on Office 365 and SharePoint. With SharePoint Server 2016 docking in 2016 it looks like SharePoint is here to stay. There is going to be a demo of an early version according to Redmond Magazine.

Watch this promo video from Microsoft:

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Health and Fitness App after OS upgrade

Nokia Icon's OS  was recently upgraded to version 8.1 from 8.0. This resulted in the Health and Fitness app having all its features enabled. With OS 8.0 Machine Data was not supported.

The Health and Fitness app requires a minimum charge of around 40% to produce correct  readings from its GPS. Here are some comparisons of the app before and after OS upgrade. All screen shots are for the same track but on different dates.

With 8.0. Notice no step information. Also notice GPS is smoother and measures lower values.

Windows 8.1 was rolled out sometime today or yesterday. Higher reading for slightly lower duration. Charge on battery before starting 38%

One more measurement this time at 97% charge at start. Protection Status