Thursday, June 07, 2018

Borghese Museum Visit - Rome Part 3

This is the final part of our visit to Rome. With this we will have seen the major attractions of Rome. We left out hotel after the lunch and rest.

The visitors are scheduled with assigned time slots and ours was 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM. We could walk to Borghese from our hotel. It took perhaps 20 minutes. Our local guide in Rome met us at the entrance which is the center door at the fa├žade of the gallery.

Galleria Borghese once called the 'Elysium of delights' is truly a delightful place, especially the vast and beautiful garden. The gallery houses paintings by Caravaggio, Raphael, Titian and others. The most outstanding sculptures are of Bernini, quite a few of them in one place. The Rape of Proserpina; Apollo and Daphne and David are more well-known sculptures of Bernini. One must go around and round these sculptures to appreciate these Baroque masterpieces from different angles as the related story slowly unfolds.

You will also find the beautiful sculpture of sister of Napoleon 1 reclining on a divan.

The garden surrounding the gallery is quite extensive which also includes the aviary and the secret gardens. We did not try to enter the secret gardens but the English style garden at the rear of the gallery was very nice despite the lack of flowers. We could see the lime bushes and citrus plants heavy with limes.

The Venus fountain placed central to the garden behind the gallery provided the perfect backdrop for the gallery.

YouTube Video has more details:

Here are some pictures of our visit to the Borghese.

Picture on the right : Bernini

We were quite tired and we wanted to try a different place to eat. we chose 44 Osteria which was right next to the hotel. As I entered I knew we made a mistake. There is very little vegetarian on the menu. Our Middle east server tried his level best to accommodate but it was not a place to eat. Since I was not having wine, the whole thing started looking ludicrous.  However, the restaurant had good reviews although quite pricey.

Source: Copied from TripAdvisor site

We continue our journey tomorrow to Orvieto in south western Umbria.

Connecting to SQL Server 2016 using Python

pyodbc is an open source Python module that simplifies accessing ODBC databases. It implements the DB API 2.0 specs and has been filled with Python related items.

Connecting to SQL Server (SQL Server 2016 Sp2) is easy as long as you get the needed items correctly.

Review the following link if you landed on this page:

Read here installing pyodbc on your Windows 10 computer:

Read here connecting to SQL Server using pyodbc

Monday, June 04, 2018

Problems with Office 365 EXCEL

This application is not working and I am not sure if this is a new Microsoft Feature.

  • You try to do a vertical scroll, the sheet scrolls horizontally. 

  • You cannot type into certain cells as the mouse refuses to enter. I have to go to the top where you find cell reference to get to the cell and make entry across fx.

  • If you need to enter into the cells, you have to enter into two cells ahead of where you want to enter.
Is this the new standard? Protection Status