Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Basta! I am out of the Insider Preview

The version of Windows on my computer was Windows 10 Professional Insider Preview. 

I am getting out although I wanted to see the new stuff with the Insiders version, but became impossible to work with the desktop. Everything hung up or was so slow to load, I felt excruciating pain looking at the hung programs.

I decided to revert back using system restore and now I see that the right click on icons are behaving OK and I do have the pick list fully populated.

I am back to OS Build: 16278.1000  and version 1703.

Windows 10 Professional Desktop screwed up after Insider Preview

The version of Windows on my computer is Windows 10 Professional Insider Preview. 

I have faced couple of problems. I opted for the preview recently and immediately I could not do many things that were routine. I could not install the Acrobat Reader DC, a very common place task.

The more serious problem is that I am unable to get a contextual menu on the Windows 10 Professional Desktop on my Dell laptop (which happens to have other serious problems). When I right click on the desktop, this is what I see.

This is the same when I right click any of the icons on the desktop.

I tried to see if I can set to the best performance using the System Settings as shown.

 Well. That does not fix the problem.

I am waiting for solutions as I continue to search.

 Here is another problem:
No items in the drop-down!

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Acrobat Reader DC DOA on Windows 10 Insiders

I tried to launch Acrobat Reader DC which of course got installed (first time with Chrome) . However when I try to open Acrobat nothing happens. I uninstalled both Chrome and Acrobat Reader DC. The I tried to install just Acrobat Reader DC which was successful but  it did not open.

Acrobat Reader DC is DOA!

The version of Windows on my computer is Windows 10 Professional Insider Preview. Probably that explains it.

I tried another PDF reader, which in my humble opinion is a great piece of software. But, alas! with the same result. It just does not launch.

In order to orient my readers I present a screen shot.

You see this weird thing when you right click a shortcut! Protection Status