Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Regarding UWP Support for .NET Standard 2.0

Mostly I am looking at what I have to verify that they are enough for developing latest UWP Projects. The main feature that .NET 2.0 Standard brings about is the access for about 20000 APIs.

So what are the requirements?

You need to have Visual Studio 2017 v15.4. According to my previous post this was installed sometime ago (1, 2).


The other requirement is that you should be running and targeting correct version of  Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

These requirements are the baseline for UWP tools.

I am using the free Visual Studio 2017 Version and in my project properties I find that I can choose couple of options for the Min version for Windows 10 Fall creators Update as shown.


Note however, that when you try to change the Min target version you will need to heed to the following message:


When I changed the Min version to one suggested, the Microsoft.Net.Native.Complier 2.0 was installed after which the Hello World Project was restored.

VS2017Comm_MinTarget 3

UWP Reference properties after the change are as shown:

VS2017Comm_MinTarget 4

Looks like I am well set.

Exploring Sorrento and Positano along the Amalfi Coast

We had quite exhausted our energies at Pompeii and we left Pompeii around 2 PM and proceeded with our next stop at Sorrento.

It was probably Greeks who founded Sorrento and later ruled by Etruscans (~90 BC), Romans came later. Sorrento derived its name from the Sirens who in Greek mythology said to inhabit these waters and sing songs that the sailors would not resist. Of course, they ended up by becoming a meal.
The city is famous for its citrus products chief of which is Limoncello.

We could not see the famed seaside scenes except for what we could see in the gaps between the buildings.

The city is much larger than what we could see but was enough to get a feeling. We arrived at one of the town centers near Piazza Tasso. There is a statue of St. Antonino Abate, a monk who arrived from Monte Cassino and said to have performed miracles.

There is another totem pole-like sculpture near St. Antonino's statue for which I find no reference.

Source: Google Maps Interactive

Depending on where you enter the city and from which direction you arrive, your impression of the city is quite different, a fact I have felt often. We entered the crowded city on a warm day and the most we could do was to find a place to eat. Our tour director Katia had indicated many fine ones. It was past our usual lunch time and we quickly got into one - Ristornate Pizzeria L'Abate which turned out to be very good. The service was excellent although somewhat slow. The seats were outdoor, but it also had nice indoor seating. We sat outside watching the crowd outside. 

After lunch we explored two of the side streets with shops that cater for tourists selling local products. We bought some lemon look-alike soaps and some gifts articles.

The famous majolica ceramics are another of the Sorrento products the tourists take home.

We left Sorrento to return to our hotel via Positano, which was on our way.

If we had, had stayed at Positano instead of Maiori, it would have been very nice. Perhaps, the tour budget did not allow such as option.

From Sorrento to Positano we get to see the glorious sea with small islands that were coveted and owned by Nureyev and others as our tour director pointed out.

The location possess such an air of romance & beauty that celebrity names such as Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington, Sophia Loren, Zaphrelli, Nureyev and others flocked to this place and even owned properties. Here are some shots taken travelling from Sorrento to Positano and finally to Maiori.

Our tour related video: Returning from Pompeii

Source: Raymond Austin

Source: Alan Kehew from Pinterest

For us, it was an unforgettable memory we would like to cherish.

Tomorrow, September 22, we will be transferring to Rome, the eternal city via Monte Cassino. More on this in the next post, and today I am looking for more of the good wine before turning in.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Windows 10 Mobile is not quite dead

 Looks like it is not completely dead. There is a flicker.

TrekStor German firm has come up with a new Windows Phone called WinPhone 5.0, a mobile-enterprise quality device. TrekStor is also putting out a wearable using possibly the Windows 10 IOT core, a product more for enterprise use-case scenarios such as:

  • Inventory management in retail
  • Building automation for guest services in hospitality
  • Industrial automation in manufacturing
  • Patient care in healthcare
  • Cross-industry scenarios such as fleet management, asset management, and more
You do not need to carry a phone, if you can just wear it>

While the phone is being developed it will have 3GB RAM, 16GB built-in storage, a microUSB port and headphone jack. According to the ZD Net article (), it features 5" HD display and runs Qualcomm's Snapdragon 617 chip-set. The same site says the cost would be around $350.

Wileyfox UK-branded smartphone also launched a Windows 10 Mobile phone.
There is no doubt Windows 10 is having better security than like priced or lower priced Android phones.

As to the question, Is there a future for windows Phone, this is what Nadella thinks.

I have a Lumia 950 and I have had great time with it. With Universal Windows Projects I can deploy my projects to this phone. Protection Status