Saturday, February 17, 2018

More SQL Operations Stuido features in the Feb 2018 release

Read my previous articles (9) on previous versions.

Download the February (latest) release of Microsoft SQL Operations Studio here.

There are couple of enhancements over the previous release. The following has been fixed or added:

Added Auto-Update Installation feature
Added Connection Dialog ‘Database’ Drop-down
Added functionality for new query tabs keeping active connection
Fixed bugs in SQL Editor and auto-completion

This is the version I have now.

When I update, my version is:

When I launched my previous release, I could access the latest. Clicking on this I could install the latest release.

Set up preparatory stage.

I did not see a drop-down of all databases. It did not find the databases. It just reverted to default in the drop-down.

However, it could keep two query windows open at the same time, maintaining two different connections.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Microsoft Photo Companion App for iPhone: teething problems

Microsoft 'Photos Companion' iPhone app allows for easy transfer of pictures to Windows 10 PC over WiFi.

This is a good (really, great) feature as it is presently not possible to transfer pictures from, for example, iPhone to PC. iPhone6 does not have any USB ports, nor its Bluetooth is not supported when transferring to a PC.

It is good if it works all the time.

In photos, under Settings there is no Preview item, under which you are supposed to turn on Help Microsoft test the mobile import over Wi-Fi feature.

I downloaded the Photo Companion app on my iPhone 6. There was no problem.

I tried in my PC which has a Microsoft photos app. It is supposed to import from mobile over WiFi option. However this option does not exist. You can either import From a folder or From a USB device as shown here.

I am not sure if it is something to do with Build 1707_prerelease-flt.180116-1539 version of Windows 10 Pro OS.

I tried to download an update for 'photos' app, but it failed to update.

I sent error code (Code: 0x80073CF9) to Microsoft.

Use SelectionBoxItem to access ComboBoxItem in a UWP

In Part 1, you added after following a few tasks the following to a  Blank UWP project.
  • Getting the ComboBox Control
  • Placing ComboBox on the Design area
  • Adding ComboBoxItems
ComboBox 4

In this post you will write code for an app consisting of a ComboBox, a Button and a TextBox so that when you select an item in the ComboBox and click the button, the selected item appears in the TextBox.

We already have a ComboBox with three items.
We will drag a BUTTON and a TEXTBOX from the Toolbox


And drop on the DESIGN pane as shown. The XAML markup is shown in the XAML Pane as shown.


We want to Select a ComboBoxItem and then click the BUTTON. This should get displayed in the TEXTBOX.

We add a click EVENT to the button by typing-in Click inside the BUTTON code as shown and choose 'NEW EVENT HANDLER'.


It will be named 'Button_Click' as shown.


The following will be added to the MainPage.xaml.cs page.


We provide names for the ComboBox ('cbx') as well as the TEXT ('txt') box. Now we add the following code to the above newly added code as shown.
 private void Button_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
            txt.Text = cbx.SelectionBoxItem.ToString();

Now build, deploy and run the project on Local Machine. When the App is displayed, choose an item (herein, 'BIRD') from the ComboBox and Click the BUTTON, you will see it displayed in the TEXTBOX as shown (the UI is not designed well, it should be improved).

ComboBox_15 Protection Status