Monday, May 18, 2015

Installing Arduino IDE on Windows 8.1

I was able to work with Arduino UNO using Visual Studio 2013 Community edition (here and here). However, when I wanted to install the Arduino IDE to run on Windows 8.1 Professional, the drivers that came with latest nightly builds (Arduino 1.6.4) did not work. In the device manager I could not find the ports and all that I could see was the node for 'Other devices' having an unknown device. I later found that the driver would work for Window 7 but not on Windows 8.1.

The version appropriate for Windows 8 was an earlier version which I found in the release notes.


The download of the drivers was on a Google site shown here.


I downloaded the zip file, arduino-1.0.5-r2-windows. The extracted folder has the same kind of folder structure as the other versions as shown here:


From the driver's folder installed the following:   dpinst-amd64.exe 


Now I could see the ports in the device manager as shown:


The Arduino UNO's IDE can now be started as shown:


Clicking Yes and choosing the latest opens up the IDE in the more recent version


With so many boards and supported OSs, it can consume time to find the right thing

Windows 10: The story of the hardware

The story leading up to Windows 10 and a detailed description in great detail is discussed
by Don Box. (at WinHEC Shenzen in China)of Microsoft.

Review this link for full details:
Several screen shots (not all) of the talk are included if you want to skip the video (about an hour) for any reason. The power point slides are well made and need no explanation.

Same program running on different hardware devices :Demo

Significant items from the talk(from above site):
  •  The Windows 10 device platform allows IHVs to develop a single universal driver that can be deployed across all Windows 10 device families (e.g. PCs, phones, IoT)
  • The Windows 10 device platform provides new tools and techniques to reduce the cost and complexity of imaging and manufacturing Windows 10 devices.
  • In-market and new hardware development boards will support Windows 10 and Windows universal drivers.
  • Windows 10 will include a new IoT edition for small devices that is tuned to run Windows universal apps and drivers and is royalty free to makers and device builders.

You may need the latest Silverlight Installed.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Intel IOT Developer Kit 1.0 availability

Since March of 2015, the Intel IOT Developer Kit v1.0 has been available for developers and the software downloads may be made from here:

This is the first version after the BETA download supporting the Intel Galileo and Intel Edison boards.
As found on the Intel site the enhancements in  this version are as follows:

1. Improved Eclipse C/C++ new project creation, templates and samples to get started quickly
2. Support for 70+ sensors via UPM libraries
3. Guided Windows* installer for Intel® Edison setup and configuration
4. IO library support for Intel Edison mini breakout boards
5. Improved documentation including a Developer Resources page for Intel® Edison and guides for getting started with Wi-Fi* and Bluetooth
6. Wyliodrin* (visual programming) support for Intel Edison

If you missed the previous roadshow:

Get started and get ready for the Intel IOT Roadshow 2015 Protection Status