Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Using basic analytics using Power BI - Part 1

In an earlier post getting data from WEB  was described which used Indian demographics data.

In this post some analytics information will be added to the display using built-in analytic capabilities of Power BI.

Here is the WEB retrieved data from the link mentioned earlier.


Here is a visual of male, female and total populations from the Southern states Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala.


If you are not on a 'visual', you will not see the icon for the Analytics in the Visualizations section as shown. I am showing a visual, but I am not on it.

Here we have Page Level filter as shown


The total population is less than 10M in each state as you can see by adding data.
Once you are on a visual you can access the 'Analytics' as shown here.


Now click on 'Analytics' and you can add a number of analytics markers as shown here.


Now you will add a line showing average (Blue line)  of population of Females as shown here.

Here are few more settings for 'average line' that was not captured in the previous image. A zoom control would have captured the whole page of interest.

Similarly you add the Min Line, Max Line, Media Line and Percentile lines to the data.

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