Saturday, January 13, 2018

Mobile Platform for the Enterprise

MobileFrame is perhaps the only enterprise grade, cross-platform mobile platform. It is ideal when you need to take your paper-based processes to a enterprise grade mobile platform.''

MobileFrame recognized in 2017 Mobile App Development Platform Magic Quadrant

MobileFrame allows you from development to deployment of mobile apps. It's Smart Architecture uses a graphical user interface and even non-developers can instantly create and deploy sophisticated mobile solutions 100% code-free. Even complex applications including databases; synchronization and deployment complexities are easily handled in the background and are transparent to the business users but flexible enough to address changing business needs. MobileFrame is covered by the following patents: 

U.S. Patent # 7,577,911 (Code-free Mobile Computing)
U.S. Patent # 7,565,381 (Smart Synchronization)
U.S. Patent # 7,730,097 (Smart Database)
U.S. Patent # 8,751,926 (Intelligent Rendering on a Mobile Computing Device)
U.S. Patent # 9,049,174 (Maintaining Sessions in Smart Thin Client)
U.S. Patent # 9,053,444 (Smart Thin Client)

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