Thursday, September 22, 2016

Oracle's purchase of NetSuite

When I read the news couple of days ago, I was interested in knowing why Oracle wants to buy NetSuite. Of course I guess there may be other reasons for this purchase.

I was interested in learning what unique features of NetSuite would make it attractive for a buyer. I just came across this site , > which seems to answer this question.

Guru's site described the features why NetSuite would be desirable:

Visibility with good dashboards etc
Browser and mobile accessible from anywhere
Adaptable and
Up to date with automatic upgrades with latest innovations

I did get the feeling that the same list things has been offered by other cloud vendors as well for quite some time. It just appeared to me like any other cloud vendor. I could be wrong, and perhaps I did not hit the right site to get answers.

Read more about NetSuite vis-a-vis Oracle buy

Video showing why BM Online chose NetSuite:

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