Monday, June 13, 2016

Microsoft's purchase of LinkedIn

Microsoft bought LinkedIn at a premium (the deal has not completed yet). The price appears very steep. I hope it does not get to the same fate as Nokia.

How does Microsoft integrate LinkedIn?

The most important is of course, integration of LinkedIn with Office commercial by way of channeling information from LinkedIn to Office 365 using feeds. Skype is already integrated. LinkedIn with Skype can lead to more ways of engaging with hires. Video interviews to directly link future employees with employers is perhpas the first of the features. Project collaboration via LinkediN/skype interfaces is also feasible.

The other benefit of getting LinkedIn is the use of LinkedIn's advertising.
It appears LinkedIn is making lots of money according to this article from which the below image was grabbed. Probably Microsoft has made a good deal.

Here is video of the acquisition.

I have been a member (free, of course) of LinkedIn for quite a long time and I am not active now. I did not find it very useful. It did not help me. It provided all kinds of information that I did not need. It is one person's experience and I am sure millions of others have found it useful

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