Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Lightswitch App with Vsiual Studio 2015 Community needs Office Tools

The original installation of Visual Studio 2015 Community did not have templates for the Microsoft Lightswitch.

However, in order to use the Microsoft Lightswitch template you need to install the OfficeToolsForVS2015. The next link takes you directly to the site to download the file. In my case, I had it installed from Web Platform Installer 5.0. However, I am not able to take you to the link.

Once you install the Office tools using the above then you will see the Lightswitch project template as shown here with a HTML application and a Desktop application template:

There are templates for C# as well.


The About Microsoft Visual Studio drop-down from Help shows more details of the version.


In addition to Lightswitch you also get a whole lot of templates for Office/SharePoint as  shown here:


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