Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Microsoft Edge Web Platform Site for Developers

As a web developer you may be interested in knowing where is Microsoft Edge  heading; what features are supported; which of the older features are getting removed and in general interested in finding out the status of a feature. If you are interested in such information you should really get acquainted with this URL. In fact if there is a feature which you think will be very useful, you can also vote for the feature. Your vote will be important to making the Internet more democratic and would pave way for features supported by most browsers. End to browser wars!

For example, Microsoft recently announced support for VP9 codec in Microsoft Edge. VP9 codec is open source codec, a very efficient video compression program for streaming HD content.

Similary you can see the status of webkit support.


On this site you can find links to do many more things.


I tried to see screenshots (using Generate screenshots)  of my blog (http://hodentek.blogspot.com) on 9 different browsers using this tool, it just returned an error. I guess it has to be a www address.

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