Sunday, August 16, 2015

Upgrading Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 - Part 2

In my previous post I described downloading the Windows 10 from the Microsoft's Insider site. In order to backup and clean the computer, I did not install it immediately.

This post describes the upgrading of Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 starting from Microsoft's invitation and some of the problems encountered and the workaround that resulted in upgrading.

 I received a message from Microsoft that I could download the program and install it.

I opted for immediate download and this resulted in the following:

This is the view progress window.

I just decided that I would also keep a copy of the stuff on my computer using the File History in Windows 8.1. Probably it was not a good idea to start another process while the download/update was running. I would advise against it.

Interestingly it stopped in the middle of downloading and asked to accept license terms.

The above screen shows the download failed.

After the File History completed with some 27GB, the downloading restarted.

I think there was another message to the effect that  I am given to understand Windows Media Player(or Center) will be installed.

It took a considerable time to download and begin the updating. Time stamps help to see the various durations.

Looks like downloading was successful and the upgrade has started.

It was around 6:00 PM it started and did not complete by 8:30. I left it to complete upgrading for the night.
 Here are more screens from the installation.

This is the Welcome back screen after upgrade is completed.


First thing first getting connected to the network. Picked an existing network.

Accepted Express settings.

Now most of the stuff is integrated and device agnostic.

However when I started entering my password, the login screen became unresponsive. I tried to reboot but it always came back to the same login screen and stayed. I could not activate any other key, like the F keys.

Went back to the internet on another computer and presto, many others also had this problem while authenticating.

Review this long thread.

It is really frustrating. I tried everything and finally I removed the USB  stick(Nano Transceiver)  that controls my Microsoft Mouse (Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000) and presto, the login screen became active and my password was accepted. I can proceed further now.

1. Try to complete File History back up before proceeding. Once started you do not know  before hand when it will finish.
2. Do not plug anything in any of the USB Ports during the upgrade.

This does not mean other problems do not exist.

In Part 3, I will describe another problem I encountered but still searching for a solution. I have a few hunches. 

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