Tuesday, June 23, 2015

M of the MEAN Stack - MongoDB

MySQL has been the favorite but will it continue in the future.

MongoDB has all the desirable features for the expanding cloud frontier:

Flexible data Model- Collections do not enforce document structure
Allows any type of data structure
Schema modifiable dynamically
Built for Cloud
No tables, no joins

Highly Scalable
Cloud and Mltiple datacenter deployable
From single server to thousands
Custer support out-of-the-box

Robust Operational Tools
Just use MondoDB Management Service and Ops Manager
Do every thing you want: deploy, monitor, backup...

Expressive Query Language
Drivers fro many programming languages
Fortified JSON called BSON

Secondary Indexes
Fully consistent indexes on any field including  Geospatial
Text search and TTL indexes

The adoption and so do the community growing. More than 40 Million downloads.

Get MongoDB and start programming:
Download the current stable version (3.0.4) here:

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