Monday, June 29, 2015

Azure Logic Apps and IFTTT

The Azure App Service consists of Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Logic Apps and API Apps.

You can start configuring using the Azure Portal as shown (preview portal).

The Logic Apps in Azure allows you to configure work flows that run automatically every time the app calls an API; makes changes to data in a database; or polls on a timer and takes appropriate action like send a text message or email to configured email address, etc.

 Creating a workflow is easy with a declarative JSON file or using the Logic/Workflow designer in the Azure Portal. Here is an example of such a workflow from Scott Guthrie's blog (
The basic resource is to pick up from a number of Built-in API connectors (shown here taken from the same blog) and configure your workflow.

Well this would be very useful to businesses as long as they have all the connectors they need at their disposal. The workflow may itself be trivial and can be done fast, but to get to that stage of having appropriate connectors may involve other registrations, configurations etc. It is true, however that assuming you have the required connectors creating a workflow is easy and fast.

Conceptually IFTTT (If This The That) offers a similar service, perhaps not enterprise quality and does not encompass all the sophisticated connectors but good enough for most non-enterprise and web users and perhaps even small businesses.
Here are two workflows I created using IFTTT which of requires that I have a blogger account, a twitter account, an email address etc.

 I do not know the details of the premium service of IFTTT but perhaps that can do a lot more.


Am I comparing apples with apples? No. Azure's strength comes from its elasticity, the cost-effectiveness for enterprise; the rich eco-system built around it.


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