Monday, June 08, 2015

Apple's 2015 WWDC Conference: Apple on the go

June 8 through June 12 Apple Developers will be meeting in San Francisco's Moscone West for the annual POW WoW. There is scheduled more than 100 technical sessions and spear heading are a thousand Apple engineers 
Some highlights collected from different sources;

Apple Music
Music streaming (after acquiring Beats) will be launched. Probably iTunes will make way for Apple Music. iTunes accounts will go over to Apple Music. It will also be a part of the new OS. Since Apple Music is not available in all countries there will some concerns.
iOS 9
Concentration will now be one security, stability and improvements to the interface. Apple will be using the San Francisco type face for the iOS.
Apple Maps
Making it better than Google Maps (obvious). Public transportation will get into the map features, whether or not worldwide remains to be seen. Apple Maps may become a cross-platform if one were to base on job openings 
New Apple OS
The new Apple OS , El Capitan may not look different from the OS X Yosemite but has many features that users always wanted. Some of these are:
  •  1.4 times faster launch
  • App switching 2 times faster
  •  Opening a pdf is 4 times quicker
  • Search tool Spotlight will use natural language
  • Ability to mute audios from web sites especially those that play in the background
  • In ‘homage’ to windows there will be 'split views' to display two apps in one display
El Capitan is free for developers.

Apple WatchOS

Apple WatchOS is getting an update, the AppleWatch OS2 which can be used to develop Native Apps.  This de-links and cuts off the umbilical cord with iPhone making the watch react faster. However the battery life will be compromised.
Apple also introduced new watch faces that can feed from users' iCloud archive. Looks like developers can build their own 'complications' (What a word!) such as timers and stopwatches, calendar schedules etc. Quite a lot of these are going to have telling effect on battery life if not properly designed. Apple borrows from Sci-Fi to add the TimeTravel feature. Well you cannot physically move to another time as in '12 Monkeys', but just the ability to scroll backwards using the watches’ crown. You can buy an Apple Watch at any Apple Store now. 
Full details here.
Proactive addresses four core areas combining the best of Siri, and Spotlight. iPad will now have multi-tasking capability with new Maps and Notes features. Passbook now replaces the Wallet
Full details here:
iMessage and Keyboard:
Some usability enhancements and improvements to ambiguity of using the SHIFT key

Hardware for home use such windows (not Microsoft's) shade control, motion detectors, smoke detectors etc. HomeKit is scheduled support for the fall. Home appliances can be accessed via iCloud. Also Apple Watch can directly work with Homekit not needing iPhone to finish the job. There will be a new 'Home' app to go with Homekit devices you have. Do not miss this image on this site where a grown up lady goes near a light asking Siri to switch off the light.

 Wall Street analysts think Apple Stocks are still very cheap.

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