Friday, February 13, 2015

PowerBI Preview reporting from SQL Anywhere 16 - Part 2

Connection problem mentioned  in the previous post:
PowerBI Preview reporting from SQL Anywhere 16 - Part 1
was resolved.

This post describes the correct way of making a connection to SQL Anywhere 16 from Power BI and generating a report from a View on the server.

If this is the first time you land on this page, please review the following post that describes the step-by-step process:

Make sure the SQL Anywhere 16 network server has started. After launching PowerBI and hitting the Get Data link the following screen will be displayed:


Click connect to connect to the SQL Anywhere 16 server running on your laptop. The following screen is displayed.


Enter Server and Database name as shown. You can read this from the server startup screen superimposed.

Click OK on this screen. The following screen is displayed. If instead of this you may get an authentication window. In which case choose 'Database' login and use the sql/dba pair for authentication.


You may recognize these as the tables on the 'Demo' database on the samples provided by Sybase (SAP).

By default only the tables are displayed. In order to display views you may have to search for them. Review this screen from Sybase Central connected to the same server.


There is a  View called ViewSalesOrders. Insert this in the search box and click search. The ViewSearchOrders data will be displayed as shown.

Clock Load and load the data to the BI Designer. Perhaps this data may not be the greatest data ti mine, but let us go ahead and see. The data gets loaded to the mode as shown.

As shown in my previous post choose the items to be included in your report as shown on the right extreme of the next image which shows all the fields contained in the View. The report gets generated in no time at all. All that was done was to choose the fields. it cannot get any dumber!

That is all folks! Namaste


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