Friday, February 06, 2015

Power BI unchained

I do not think this post is strongly worded. Everything Microsoft did anytime was tied to either Windows or Office.  The New Power BI, a natural language accessible, Microsoft new product is not just for some thing 'Microsoft'. In fact, I heard that the new Power BI was released first to iOS.

Power BI and Machine learning are going to play out big in coming months and years. PowerBi is going to squeze out all data that enters Microsoft that is exposed as a collection and crunched in Machine Intelligence. Once there, creating an app to levarage is no brainer. Of course BI is
the motivation. No data is lost which does not contribute to BI. Stop.

Actually this is considered 3rd gen BI. The first gen where you struggled with cubes and all in Analysis Service; the second gen with self-service BI for those who were uninitatiated to the mysteries of SSAS. The motivation and the drive has always been to make it easy for the

How does this stack against Tableau? Well read more here.

Making PowerBI free is a very wise move. If not, Google will be readily
Power BI has come of age and it has ascended to the cloud and there to stay..

Look at all the places from where you can mine the intelligence:


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