Monday, January 26, 2015

What is Project Siena?

This is a Microsoft's breakthrough in app development for business.

You are a business expert or an analyst or a developer and you want to create a cutting edge business app then look no further. Get your hands on Project Siena presently in BETA.  You can create custom business targeted apps in no time at all with rich visuals and no programming effort on your side. Does it appear too good to be true? Well, try it out.

Download the Siena app from here:

Siena can source out data from many sources for the apps. Here is a list from the Siena app.

I tried to source out of an EXCEL file and it immediately took me to my OneDrive where there are a number of EXCEL files. Actually I can change it to the location I choose.

As soon as the app is launched this is what you see.

Clicking the + at top right you open up the Visuals available. This is quite exhaustive and can range from a simple button to whole Office 365 applications. Of course the social media applications - all the popular ones are included as well as shown.

There is ample documentation and a number of samples that you can look up.

Look up more on this here and here during the next few months.

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