Monday, November 17, 2014

Documenting the copywrite violation by the

Previous post I described the content being lifted from my site in entirety and placing on another blogger account.

Here are more details showing both the content on my site and on the plagiarizing site. This is a requirement to file a complaint with Google. This is clearly an abuse by the website 

This is on ( I am the blogger)

This one is on the site (    )  which has lifted all my content

Looks like any click on this site goes to some AdSense.
I will give just one more example.
This one from my site.
Also any link under 'Popular posts' (right hand navigation) opens an advertiser page in addition to the clicked item's content on

For example clicking on Apache(1) opens the following page:
And this has been set up as a random advertisement and most of them have .in in the url indicating it is originating from India.
Here is the page displayed in
when I clicked on Apache(1) in the navigation on the right hand side for archived items on the blog.
The click on Apache(1) also popped up this extra browser window.

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