Sunday, October 19, 2014

Expanding vista of Windows OS: Universal Windows apps with Windows 10

In pursuing its dream of 'Mobile-first, Cloud-first' world Microsoft has embarked on the new version of Windows, Windows 10. You can build Universal Windows apps for all Windows devices from embedded to any size; games or enterprise applications; and one store and one way to deal with apps from the store.

In order to experience the thrill (there will be a lot not so thrilling experiences on the way with lots of updates and all. Things may break now and then) you should sign-up for the Windows Insider Program here.

This is what the offer is if you sign-up:
"Join the Windows Insider Program so you can be part of every key moment along the way as we create Windows 10. You'll get Windows 10 Technical Preview, all the builds as soon as they're available, and an easy-to-use feedback app."

Well you need to be good at fixing things up if they go wrong preferably with experience in trouble shooting with all kinds of tools.

Some of the nice things now possible with Windows 10 can be found in this announcement link here:

The desktop has the start menu as well as some selected favorite apps together juxta-positioned on the desktop as shown. I suppose you can add / remove the apps from the desktop. I will let you know if it is possible after I have tried it.

The format of Windows Store Apps and desktop programs are indistinguishble and everything runs in a window. The apps windows can be dragged around and resized just like any desktop window.

Snapping multiple apps together on the same screen is possible as shown.

Note that all the above images taken from the link mentioned earlier.
Other noted features are:
  • Admits Multiple desktops
  • New task-view button for quick switching
  • finding files faster (I would like to see this happen)
Watch this video to get your first impression.

I have signed-up but not installed Windows 10. Presently fighting with a bug in the Windows 8.1 OS. I will be installing on a VM and let you know my impressions.

It appears that Microsoft has found a closure to the complaints regarding the Start button users of Windows 7 (and earlier versions) who were unhappy with Windows 8 which got somewhat improved in Windows 8.1.

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