Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Windows Azure cloud services get the FedRamp JAB P-ATO

Well this is good news for Microsoft because Microsoft was the first cloud services vendor to get this OK.

Let us start expalining what this FedRamp JAB-PTO is.

FedRamp stands for Federal Risk and Authorization Managment Program which has government-wide range and provides a stardardized procedure to assess security, authorization  and continuosly monitor cloud services.

What is JAB?
There are lots of government agencies that may want to use cloud services. The Joint Authorization Board (JAB) consisting of the following key agencies constitutes the board created under FedRamp:
  • Department of Defense(DOD)
  • Department of Homeland Security(DHS)
  • US General Services Administration(GSA)
These cover most of the government agencies that take care government programs.

And now P-ATO:
It is a Provisional Authority to Operate.

This a good thing for Microsoft because individual government organization do not need to check out Microsfot's cloud services  regarding many of its security, authorization and other risk related features as these have already been checked by the board.  This makes Fed moving to the cloud a lot easier on all fronts.

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