Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Packt is celebrating 10 years- Get any book or video for $10

Packt started 10 years ago publishing quality books driving deep into computer technology related area both Open Source and proprietary. In this short span they have covered a very large area with an impressive portfolio.
To celebrate this milestone event, Packt is offering any book or, video for a deep discount price of $10. This offer ends on July 5. This is the best time to stock up, enjoy the 4th of July; the World Cup and the Wimbeldon but make sure you place your order.

Follow this link for details:

I started writing for Packt in 2007 and I have had a great time working with them and learning
along the way. This was my first book and it is still selling!

This is a great opportunity for you to explore what's new and what is cutting edge. There is something for everyone with titles numbering over 2000.

More information is available at www.packtpub.com/10years  

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