Thursday, July 03, 2014

Battery powered car is history

I was wondering why Toyota despite its 2.4% stake in Tesla decided to part ways. I suppose it was because Toyota did not buy into the idea that battery powered auto's are good enough for the long haul. Toyota is no novice when it comes to using batteries in autos. It appears that Toyota will finish off the collaboration with the current RAV4 EV model. On the details Toyota is not breaking up totally with Tesla but only as related to certain models. Read mode here about Toyota and Tesla regarding RAV4 EV ,

Here is picture of RAV4 EV from this site here:


This end of contract make sense in view of Toyota bringing the ever first hydrogen powered car to the market:

Watch this video from CNBC:

It is powered by a fuel - cell that produces hydrogen on board with a chemical reaction and probably does not need any hydrogen gas bottles. Probably there will be a battery for emergencies. Here is a picture of Toyota's Fuel-Cell Vehicle-FCV.


It appears to be quite pricey. I am sure there are millionaire takers for FCV scattered over the globe.
It is rumored that Elon Musk called hydrogen powered vehicle something unmentionable, but those guys from Toyoda-Shi are not bluffing. They are serious. It will be interesting to watch TM and TSLA on MSN Money or CNBC.

The thing I do not like about FCV is its look. 

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