Monday, April 07, 2014

Visual Studio on-line goes GA

Visual Studio on-line team  announced the General Availability of Visual Studio. Both personal and professional development can be carried out on this platform. It carries with it a (Service Level Agreement) SLA of 99.9% availability.

The regular pricing will start from May 7, 2014 and marks the end of the Early Adopter program. If you are signed up for early adopter program, the account will be transitioned to a regular account.In this account, the following are still free,

5 Visual Studio Online Basic User Plans
Unlimited MSDN Subscribers
60 build minutes per month
1500 virtual user minutes of Cloud Load Testing

If these are good enough there is no need for early adopter to take any action.If you need more just link your Visual Studio on-line account to your Windows Azure Account.

For clarification and more information visit this MSDN blog link (2/28/20140:

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