Sunday, August 11, 2013

Where can you buy 'Bitcoins'? 0r, Do you hate transaction charges?

Guys, this is the future currency, BOA, PNC, BOH, C etc. etc. will be a thing in the past, history. Why pay transaction charges?, why settle for 'not so good' service?

buy 'bitcoins'.

Well, easier said then done.

I tried PayPal to buy bitcoin. No way, unless I buy from another PayPal guy. Guy is neutral, him or her, OK.

Best place to buy is from your Mama!!

Well, not exactly your Mama. But from

Go here, if you want to buy bitcoin,

Well, you can use your credit card to buy. Don't stay static, suit-up and run.

If I find time, I will write again, stay tuned to my blog,

I don't own bitcoins and I am not paid by coinmama.

Here is a picture (logo) of bitcoin copied from an internet site:


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