Tuesday, August 07, 2012

RIP - Dr. Martin Fleishman

Dr. Fleishman died recently on August 3, 2012. He with his partner Stanley Pons proclaimed what is known as 'Cold Fusion'. The controversial experiment was proclaimed prematurely and with the 'fusion' part highlighted became the focus of the controversy and the backlash that followed was enormous.

We are ready to spend billions on research that is far out at the end of galaxies but we are unable to support something on ground about which we know so little, something that is enigmatic. It is true that some of the results are not reproducible but that is not to say that the observed positive results have no value. Even the positive results at MIT did not gain enough traction.

I am not the one for 'conspiracy theories', but given the nature of the subject which pits the proponents against interests represented by Nuclear Fusion, Inertial Fusion, Fossil Energy, Oil, natural gas etc. makes one wonder about the origin of the negative advertisement.

I believe they should get a fair share of funding to continue the quest, if not for producing large scale energy but at least to explain what the phenomena is about.

Here is a recent video on YouTube about 'Cold Fusion':

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