Monday, May 16, 2011

Your Windows 7 computer does not connect to Kindle Mass Storage

Two great software, but do they work in unison?
No, was the answer I experienced until I found the solution for Windows 7 Ultimate (x32).
I have not been reading much these days. My wife asked me to take a look at her Kindle, the screen had gone blank.
I tried to work the switches on the Kindle to no avail. I plugged it into my notebook running Windows 7 Ultimate (x32) and looked like it got into drive E:. Of course I could not open Kindle. It was very frustrating and I started cursing silently. The Device Manager did show that I was connected to the Kindle's mass storage. The Microsoft disk drivers are the latest. The drive does not appear to have a problem. So where is the problem? The Device Manger recognizes the software but the drive system does not.

After looking all over the internet, I finally decided to look if a device driver exists for Kindle. It turns out you have to have the Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 for Windows Vista (x32) shown here.

In order to install this you have to pass the Microsoft’s Windows genuine validation here:

With this installed Amazon’s Mass storage can be accessed from your notebook.

Happy Reading! Happy Ending!

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good job! Protection Status