Thursday, April 07, 2011

Toyota drives to the Microsoft Clouds

This has to happen someday and so it has happened. Toyota Motor Corporation and Microsoft Corp have announced the formation of a partnership to build a global, next gen telematics platform using the Windows Azure. Telematics is a mash up of Telecoms and IT with GPS support. SQL Azure would surely play a part as it supports geographical and geometry data types. Great opportunity exists to bring together all stake holders (vendors, parts manufacturers, dealerships, and most of all buyers) in one place and have a great party . The other Microsoft products will all also get to play their part. Voice recognition; embedded software; conferencing; Active Sync; power management; etc to name only a few.
This partnership will surely enhance Microsoft's Windows Azure  stature as a growing enterprise ready product. In recent times Toyota has been directing its effort to look beyond just the developed markets. Surely there are yonder greener valleys. Read related stories here and here.

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