Monday, April 12, 2010

VS 2010 is here and now

This is good news for early adopters of this recent upgrade which was a RC till recently. I have tried the Ultimate version which is feature rich and helps ramp up productivity. You may be able to download if available (after the release) here.

I tried a Windows 7 phone application and accessed cloud based database application and everything went as it should. To use some of the applications you really should upgrade your WPF skills. Some of the databased applications could not run without a workaround as the feature had not gotten into the RC version, but I assume it will have been improved in the production release.

Now that the product is in production, I am not sure how long I can play with the RC (free download). I am sure I will not be able to buy the full Ultimate with over $11000 a piece even if it gives me some freebie cloud time.

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