Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Are you a Windows Phone Developer?

How do you win the smart phone game? Provide a zillion of applications that the lazy user flips with his finger or gestures at.

How do you develop? You got to know XAML.
You can see another sample as well at the above link.

Microsoft is all out to win the phone game. The VS2010 Express for Windows Phone will motivate Microsoft Developers and Game developers to create applications.

Download the Download Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone here..The vm-web set up program (3,265KB) downloads fast but takes a while to install some 14 items.
I used a new notebook with Windows 7 Ultimate.

The interface is cool and initial templates are available for both Silverlight and Game enthusiasts.

I took the program for a test drive. The interface has the look and feel of VS 2010 RC with fewer menu items. It has a Windows 7 Phone Emulator and supports intellisense.

I tried the PhoneList application and modified a few items here and there. Looks like it worked but it ran very slow when I tried to run the basic program.
 Here are some opening screen shots of the interface.

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